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Why Your MPG Is Lower Than Usual

With the continuous advancements in the automotive industry, automotive vehicles are getting better gas mileage than ever before. You don't even need a hybrid to own a car that averages 30-40 miles per gallon. While this is a great advantage, most vehicle owners notice a drop in their MPG over time. It's easy to brush it off if you are still attaining good mileage, but this decrease in numbers is often a sign of bigger problems within your vehicle. 


What Are the Most Common Reasons for Decrease in Gas Mileage?

  • Dirty Fuel Injectors - Fuel injectors are the parts that pump fuel to your engine. If they become leaky or dirty, less fuel will make its way to the engine, leading to a drop in performance and efficiency.
  • Using the A/C Too Often - If you live in a mild climate area, you should consider rolling down your windows instead of relying on your climate control system. 
  • Poor Driving Habits - If you love pressing hard on the gas and brake pedal driver, you may be consuming more fuel than needed. Additionally, if you let your car idle for too long, you will waste gas as well.
  • Faulty Spark Plugs - Misfiring spark plugs can negatively impact your MPG. Please know when you need new spark plugs or have a professional mechanic check them if you are unsure.
  • Bad Oxygen Sensors or Air Filters - Having a clogged air filter or malfunctioning oxygen sensor can also reduce your MPG by up to 20 percent! Both these parts ensure the engine maintains a proper clean air balance, which relates to engine efficiency.
  • Tires - Underinflated tires will also cause a decline in fuel efficiency, as your wheels won't grip the road properly. You can store a pressure gauge in your vehicle so that you can regularly monitor your tire pressure.

If you need help examining why you need to make frequent trips to the pump, our technicians at Stang Auto Tech. We can get down to the bottom of the problem by inspecting all the potential problem areas above. Please give us a call or visit our auto repair shop in Broomfield, CO, today.

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