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Monthly Archives: November 2023

How Are The Battery and Starter Connected?

How Are The Battery and Starter Connected?

You turn your car key or push the start button... and nothing happens. That silence can be frustrating, right? You immediately realize that the intricate process between your car's battery and starter has missed a step. Understanding how these two critical components are connected could save you from being stranded and ensure your day remains on track. The Electric Duo - Battery and Starter The relationship between a car's battery and starter is one of pure symbiosis, each relying on the other to perform their roles flawlessly. The battery is your vehicle's reservoir of electrical power, a box of potential energy waiting for its cue to electrify your car's systems. In contrast, the starter is akin to a valiant knight; it springs into action when called upon, wielding electric current as its sword to awaken your engine from its slumber. Turning ... read more

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