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Why Is My Car Leaking Engine Oil?

Every car is prone to leak as it ages. One particular type of leak that can be very concerning is an oil leak because it can start major engine complications. The most obvious sign of an oil leak is a dark pool of oil below your car. In some cases, you might also smell the oil. The dilemma with oil leaks is that they can be harmful to the environment and hurt your engine. Since engine oil is in charge of lubricating your engine parts and minimizing friction, too low of engine oil can cause your engine parts to bump against each other. You might be wondering, "how does an oil leak happen in the first place?" Here's how!

Scenario 1 - Damaged or Deteriorated Seals

Your motor oil flows and makes contact with valves or seals. These parts can become worn over time or damaged, and they can make the oil trickle out.

Scenario 2 - Cracked Oil Pan

Your oil pan is situated close to the road surface, making it susceptible to damage. If you get into an accident, hit a bump or rubble in the road, or fly over a speed bump, the impact can fracture the pan. To avoid this from happening, please be extra cautious when driving.

Scenario 3 - Dirty Filter Left Too Long

Oil filters effectively extract an abundance of dust and other debris from the oil before it flows to the engine. An ineffective, clogged oil filter can contribute to leaks if not changed regularly. It would be best if you had it replaced at every oil change.

Scenario 4 - Bad Oil Drain Plug

Whenever you receive an oil change, your technician will remove the oil drain plug to get rid of the old oil first. Over time, this mechanism can relax or become misaligned after service. A loose oil drain plug is a common cause of oil leaks, but thankfully it is easy to fix. However, you should still have it fixed quickly, so you don't waste any more oil.


Disregarding oil leaks can lead to disastrous outcomes. You can prevent oil leaks from happening to your prized vehicle with routine oil changes and regular maintenance and inspections by our qualified techs at Stang Auto Tech. If you are experiencing an oil leak, please call or visit soon! 

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