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What is Your Tire Wear Telling You?

Tire wear can be caused by a number of different things, including bad wheel alignment, overinflation, underinflation, bad suspension parts, not rotating your tires, and more. Depending on what is causing the tire wear, you may notice that the wear has a specific pattern or is in a certain spot. This will tell you what might be causing the tire wear and what you need to have fixed.

Your vehicle's tires are vital to your car's overall safety, so ensuring that they are in good condition is important. As soon as you notice excessive tire wear, we recommend getting your vehicle into our Broomfield auto repair shop for an inspection. 

Let's take a look at some of the common wear patterns and what they suggest: 

Toe or Chamber Wear

This type of tire wear occurs on the outer or inner edge of your tire. If you notice that one edge of your tire is more worn down than the other edge, this can indicate bad alignment. 

Center Wear

If you notice that the middle part of your tires is more worn down than the outer edges, you're most likely driving with overinflated tires. Your tire pressure should always be set properly according to manufacturer recommendations. 

Outer Edge Wear

If both of the outer edges of your tires are worn down while the middle looks intact, your tire is likely underinflated and needs additional air. 

Cupping Wear

Cupping wear, also known as scalloping, look like diagonal lines of wear. This is an indication of a serious suspension issue. 

Patchy Wear

Wear that looks patchy and all over the place is cause by out of balance tires. Tires should be regularly balanced by a mechanic to ensure that every tire is handling the same amount of weight. 

While these indicators can help you understand the issue your vehicle may have, it is still important to have an inspection performed as soon as you suspect an issue. When you need car maintenance in Broomfield, CO, bring your vehicle into the experts here at Stang Auto Tech today! 

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