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What is a Transmission Fluid Service?

It's no secret how important your vehicle's transmission is to the overall operation of your car. This is why it is so important to properly maintain your vehicle's transmission and stay on top of the services it needs to work with efficiency. If you've been a vehicle owner for at least 5 years, you've probably heard of a transmission fluid service or had one performed. However, do you know what it actually does and how important it is? Lets take a look at what a transmission fluid service consists of and why it is important to the overall operated of your car. 

Did you know that according to the Automotive Transmission Rebuilders Association that over 90% of automatic transmission failures are due to overheating? It's true, and your transmission fluid is a huge part of keeping your transmission running at an optimal temperature. 

Transmission fluid has many different jobs, including (most importantly) lubricating and cooling your transmission's internal parts. It also helps to keep these parts clean and ensure that your gears can switch easily without metal to metal contact. As with most vehicle fluids, the transmission fluid will become contaminated over time with dirt and grime, and will loose its efficiency. This is why a transmission fluid flush will be necessary. 

A transmission fluid flush will drain out the current transmission fluid, install a new gasket pan and filter, add in new fluid, and inspect for leaks. In terms of how often you should have this service completed, the best rule of thumb is every 40,000 miles or so. However, your vehicle's factory recommendations will outline the proper interval that is right for your vehicle year, make and model. 

A transmission fluid flush can mean the different between a working transmission and transmission failure. Transmission repairs or replacements can be extremely costly, and we want to help you avoid this repair if possible with good vehicle maintenance. When you need transmission fluid services, give us a call here at Stang Auto Tech today! 

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