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What Does the Power Steering Light Mean?

The power steering light is an orange, red or yellow dashboard signal that indicates a problem with the power steering system. This symbol is not hard to miss, as it is shaped like a steering wheel with an exclamation mark. Read on to learn more about what the power steering light could mean for your vehicle.


The reason for an illuminated power steering warning light varies depending on your vehicle's type of power steering system. The most common nature of the problem when it comes to hydraulic power steering systems is fluid leaks. When your car is running low on power steering liquid, it will trigger the warning.


A bright EPS light may also come on if your car has an electronic power steering (EPS) system. Since EPS has no fluid, there won’t be any fluid for you to monitor or maintain. Instead, the flaw may be due to an electrical fault. If you've recently removed or disconnected your car battery, you may have a battery problem that is affecting your steering capabilities.

What Should I Do If The Power Steering Light Comes On?

When the light comes on your dash, you should pull over to check it out. If you know that your vehicle has a hydraulic power steering system, be sure to double-check the fluid level by looking for the reservoir under the hood. There may be a symbol indicated on its lid. If the level is below the minimum line, you should have it topped off as soon as possible. The fluid should meet the manufacturer’s recommendation as specified in the vehicle’s owner's handbook. It may take a while for your light to reset.


If you have an EPS or if the light continues to stay illuminated, please bring your car to the experts at Stand Auto Tech. Our professional technicians can thoroughly inspect your entire power steering system to identify the nature of the problem. We will also run diagnostics and check on your electrical components if you have an EPS.


For reliable and convenient power steering repairs, please call or visit Stang Auto Tech today.

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