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What are the Signs of Worn Shocks and Struts?

Driving with worn shock absorbers and struts makes your drive uncomfortable and dangerous. Besides, it increases the car's stopping distance, especially on slippery grounds. While other vehicle repairs can wait, failing shocks and struts should be treated as matters of urgency. But how do you know that your shock absorbers and struts are giving in and need some help?

The Car Is Unstable on Highway Speeds

If your car constantly veers and slides on the highway, you might be dealing with a shock absorber problem. Worn out shocks can make your vehicle overly unstable and hard to control even when driving in mild, windy conditions.

The Vehicle Tire Bounces Excessively

Failing shock absorbers translate to very bumpy and uncomfortable rides. Your tires tend to bounce, shake and rock a little too hard even over small bumps or potholes. The shock absorbers and struts help regulate the impacts and movement of the car's springs and suspensions. As such, when they are worn out, they will not be able to handle the huddles on the road leading to a rough ride.

Unusual Wearing of the Tires

Worn shock absorbers cannot hold your car tires firmly on the ground. Resultantly, your tires wear and tear in patches heightening the chances of hydroplaning and sudden flat.

Leaking Fluids on Exteriors of the Shock Absorbers and Stuarts

If you notice any signs of leaking on your shock absorbers and struts, you should consider an immediate replacement. Shocks and struts are packed with a hydraulic fluid, which helps them to counter the effects of bumps and potholes on the road. When the fluid starts leaking, it is a sign of broken seals, which tampers with the shocks' proper functioning.

The Front-End Dives on Braking or The Rear-End Squats During Acceleration

If your vehicle's front end dives on braking while the rear-end squats on acceleration, consider replacing your shocks and struts. This happens when these systems cannot handle the vehicle's domineering weight and inertia. By replacing the worn outs with new versions, you will enjoy not only a smoother ride but also an extra stopping distance. Besides, you will have better control of your car and brake confidently in case of emergencies.

Your Steering Wheel Vibrates Excessively

It is not unusual for your steering wheel to vibrate, especially when driving on rough terrains. All the same, the vibration should disappear immediately you get to a smooth road. If you notice a constant vibration throughout the driving, it is a red flag for worn shock absorbers and struts. You might even notice the vibrations escalating on highway speed.

Maintaining your vehicle's shocks and struts in shape is a matter of comfort and safety. If you want to have your shocks and struts replaced, feel free to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today.

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