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What Are The Benefits of Using Synthetic Oil

The market is flooded with multiple oil options that you can choose for your car. However, not all oils are equal. Your choice should depend on the car manufacturer, driving environment, viscosity grade, and oil standards. Besides, you should not compromise quality for price. After all, you want your engine to perform at its best and with minimal breakdowns. Choosing synthetic oil could be the best option because of the following.

Fewer Impurities

Most mineral oils are from natural sources, meaning they contain impurities that affect their performance. However, synthetic oils are produced from artificial products, hence having fewer impurities. This enhances the oil's performance and service life.

Reduced Friction

Friction is a major culprit when it comes to engine damage. Fortunately, synthetic oils have a molecular structure that minimizes engine friction. They are also free of impurities that often build up and cause the engine to malfunction. That means your engine will run efficiently for a long time.

Longer Service Life

Unlike mineral oils, synthetic oil does not require frequent changes because it has a longer service life. The oil is efficient because it features decreased evaporation loss and oxidation resistance. Besides, it has durable anti-wear properties that allow the engine to run more efficiently regardless of how often you use the car.

Reliable Viscosity Index

A higher viscosity index is one of the most notable things about synthetic oil. It is more resistant to temperature changes. The oil will maintain flow ability when temperatures lower and will not thin out due to high temperatures. Instead, the oil forms a protective layer that prevents wear and tear.

Higher purity and quality levels make synthetic oils an ideal option for your automotive. Besides, the oils can be tailored to suit different engine requirements, so you'll always find something for your car. So, if you need an oil change, get your car into Stang Auto Tech, and we'll be at your service.

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