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Important Car Maintenance Items for Summer

While the summer months brings fun days in the sun, road trips, and vacations, it also means much heavier use of our vehicles. The warm weather can actually take a higher toll on our cars due to the high temperatures and frequency of drives. 

As we near the summer months, it is important to take care of certain summer vehicle maintenance. This is especially important as well if you're planning any road trips in the near future. Summer vehicle maintenance will ensure that your vehicle not only avoids major issues throughout the summer, but also keeps you and your family safe on the road wherever you decide to travel to. 


Tires are always important to your vehicle's safety, but need to be in good condition especially for long car rides. Check that the tire pressure is correct, because the heat can cause the air in your tires to expand. Also, inspect the tires for an excessive wear. If you do notice excessive wear, you'll want to bring your vehicle into our shop so that we can inspect it and determine if new tires are needed and what caused the excessive wear in the first place. 


Car batteries are actually more susceptible to heat and are a leading cause of breakdowns during the summer. This is because battery fluid can evaporate during the warm temperatures and cause your battery to lose its "juice". If you bring your vehicle into Stang Auto Tech, we can perform a battery test and inspection to see if your battery will last throughout the summer heat. 

A/C System

Air conditioning is another aspect of your vehicle that should be working at its best whether you're taking your vehicle for a day trip or a cross country road trip. In the summer heat, driving without working A/C can be unbearable. We suggest checking your air conditioner, and if you suspect any issue, getting your vehicle into the experts here at Stang Auto Tech for an A/C recharge or repair. 


The various fluids inside of our vehicles are also at risk for getting low in the summer temperatures. All of your vehicles vital fluids should be inspected, topped off, or replaced if needed in order to maintain properly working systems that are necessary in the heat, such as your vehicle's cooling system. 

There are just some of the most important wats to stay on top of your vehicle's summer maintenance. If you need a pre-road trip vehicle inspection or need assistance with summer vehicle maintenance in Broomfield CO, bring your vehicle into the professionals here at Stang Auto Tech today! 

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