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Road Trip Tips for Traveling with Pets

While a road trip may sound appealing, you'll need a lot of planning to take your pets along for the ride. Pets can be restless and behave in ways that can be unsafe when traveling, such as jumping on your lap while you're driving and hanging out of the window. However, taking a road trip with your pet need not be a hassle. Here are a few tips to make sure you and your pet are safe during the long drives:

Take Practice Trips

If your trip is a few months or days away, you can use that time to help your pet feel comfortable in your car and on long drives. If your pet is stressed or anxious in the car, you may want to try behavioral training. You can start with short drives and increase the duration gradually as you observe your pet's behavior.

Pack Your Pets' Essentials

As you pack your bag for the trip, consider packing a backpack for your pets. Be sure to include food and water, feeding bowls, toys, treats, medications, medical records, Kennel, plastic bags, grooming supplies, and other supplies that your pets may require. This saves you time and ensures that your pets have all they need to keep busy and be happy.

Visit a Vet

Before taking your road trip, visit your pet's vet to know if your pets are healthy enough to travel. For example, if your dog has a health issue, ask the vet if traveling may affect them and if there are any precautionary steps you should take before the trip. A vet may also give you stress-reducing or anti-nausea aids, which may be very helpful during your trip. More so, you can request the vet to microchip your pets just in case you get separated during the trip.

Prepare Your Car for the Trip

Lastly, but very important, prepare your car for the trip. This involves visiting an auto repair shop for vehicle maintenance and repair. Please feel free to bring your vehicle to Stang Auto Tech today for excellent car service!

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