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How Regular Vehicle Maintenance Saves You Money

It's important to always keep your car in the best shape possible. Routine maintenance will prevent it from being easily damaged, lengthen the life of your vehicle, and save you from expensive repairs down the road.

Your car should have optimal amounts of fluid. Low power steering fluid will damage the power steering pump and can break it, resulting in repairs that can cost more than $100 dollars. Windshield washer fluid cleans your windshield so that you will have enough visibility to avoid accidents. It also lubricates the wiper blades and washer fluid pump, keeping them from being damaged.

Low amounts of transmission fluid will overheat your transmission and can cause failure. This can damage other parts, such as the torque converter. Transmission replacements are very expensive.

Antifreeze coolant, or radiator fluid, is essential for cooling your car's engine and making it last longer. Lastly, low brake fluid may cause your brakes to malfunction, which can result in accidents.

Your vehicle should get its oil changed routinely. You can find the maintenance schedule in the owner's manual. Synthetic motor oil, along with car tune-ups, increases fuel efficiency.

Have the brakes regularly inspected. Identifying and fixing brake pad problems can prevent collisions, which result in higher insurance premiums.

Change your vehicle's filters when necessary, especially the air filter. It keeps the engine from being contaminated so that it can run efficiently.

Check your car's tire pressure and make sure that tires are inflated according to the vehicle manufacturer's recommendation. Doing this, and using the proper tire size, will increase gas mileage. Overly large tires cause increased road resistance and more fuel consumption.

Another way to save money on gas is by routinely washing your car. Large amounts of dirt increase drag, which decreases fuel efficiency.

A properly maintained car will last a long time and prevent you from having to buy a new one when you won't have the money for it. Furthermore, if your vehicle breaks down while driving, you might end up paying for towing costs and, if you are out-of-state, dealing with a mechanic you're not used to.

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