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How Can You Tell When Your Tires Need to be Replaced?

Our tires are an essential part of our safety. They help the vehicle stop suddenly when it needs to. Also, they keep us from fishtailing in the snow and on rainy days. So, if your tires are this important, you might think that you should get them replaced every six months or so, right? That is not true. Here are a few tests you can run on the tread depth of your tires to judge if you should replace them.

The Penny Test

What is the penny test? If you take a penny from your pocket and place it upside down, where Lincoln's head is facing the tire and see the head of the president on the coin, you will need to replace your tires soon. That is, you should attempt the penny test in several areas of the tire. If, however, you do not always see the head of the money, you should be okay for a little while longer.

Why You Should Worry About Tread Wear


Safety should be your top priority while out on the road. If you have poor treading on your tires, it could indicate that the vehicle will respond poorly in weather conditions like snow or rain. It also may mean that some other parts of your car will wear too soon. Replacing the tires sooner rather than later is an essential part of auto maintenance.

Potential Problem Areas

  • If there is excessive wear in the center of the tire, it could indicate you have a problem with over-inflation.
  • Excessive wear on the shoulder of the tire may be a problem with under-inflation.
  • If you notice uneven tread wear, this could indicate a problem with the wheel alignment.
  • You may notice the wear is only on one side of the tire. If so, you may be experiencing an issue with an incorrect camber angle.
  • Are the treads on the outside looking knobby? If so, it could mean you are having a problem with the toe-in valve.

Final Thoughts

Our vehicles get us where we need to go. You should not take chances with your safety and the safety of your family. If you need new tires, we invite you to bring your vehicle into the experts here at our shop today!

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