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Driving Tips and Car Maintenance During Cold Months

Driving in cold weather entails driving on snow and ice sometimes; therefore, there are certain things you should always remember in order to be as careful as possible.
Here are some of our driving tips and car maintenance items to take care of when driving during the cold winter months:
  • If you are going to set off on a long trip, make sure to share your route with someone before you actually leave.
  • Have an emergency kit in your car’s trunk.
  • Check the weather before leaving on a long trip.
Besides the weather, check the condition of your car as well.
  1. Check the gas tank, and make sure to keep it more than half full
  2.  Check the air pressure in the tires
  3.  Check the coolant level
  • There is such a thing as black ice - the road may seem clear, but that doesn’t mean that it is not slippery.
  • Ensure that the windows of the car are both defrosted and clear. Also, you have to clear the ice from the top of the car.
  • While driving, leave more distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Be aware if you have antilock brakes.
  • Don’t use the cruise control setting in snow and ice.
  • If you are going uphill, do not stop, if possible.
  • Accelerate and decelerate slower, not too rapidly.
  • If you become stranded in the winter, do not wander off, leaving your vehicle. Stay with it and light flares (both in front and behind the car). Ensure that the exhaust pipe isn’t blocked by anything.
  • You can also signal distress with a bright colored cloth attached to a rolled up window, or the car’s antenna.
If your car needs to have services done for the winter, just give Stang Auto Tech a call, or visit us at our auto repair center in Broomfield, CO!
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