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Monthly Archives: November 2022

How Does Maintenance Differ with Hybrid Vehicles?

How Does Maintenance Differ with Hybrid Vehicles?

Most people are under the impression that hybrid (and electric) vehicles don’t require maintenance at all. However, that is far from the truth. While hybrid cars require less maintenance than gas-powered vehicles, they still need specific procedures to ensure their reliability and performance on the road. Is Hybrid Maintenance More Expensive? Owning a hybrid vehicle is all about saving money on gas, but does it yield savings in the auto repair shop too? In some cases, it does cost less to maintain a hybrid than conventional automobiles. But, the maintenance costs should be very similar. The most significant difference is noticeable in brake services since hybrid vehicles can go longer between brake replacements. What Are the Major Differences in Maintenance between the Two? Both hybrid and gas-powered cars have combustion engines, so their maintenance overlaps quite a bit. They need oil changes, fluid flushes, belt replacements, tire services, wiper replacements, and more. As ... read more

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