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Monthly Archives: July 2022

Why Does My Car Smell Like Maple Donuts?

Why Does My Car Smell Like Maple Donuts?

We all love the smell of sweet maple syrup on donuts, waffles, and pancakes. But would you imagine your car carrying that smell? Would you still find it amazing? It may not be so much of a delight. Sniffing a maple donuts smell in your automobile may be your first step to a major problem diagnosis. So, why does your vehicle smell like someone just ate or left maple donuts in it a few minutes ago? You Might be Having a Coolant Leak Coolant fluid, or as some people call it, antifreeze, plays a critical role in the proper functioning of your car. In addition to regulating your engine's temperature, it prevents it from overheating. It consists of specific chemical properties for drawing the heat out from the engine. It also integrates anti-corrosive properties to maintain every part it passes through in a healthy state. How Your Coolant Leak Translates to Maple Donuts-Like Smell While your vehicle's mixture of water and antifreeze draws out the heat from your engine, another m ... read more

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