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Monthly Archives: February 2022

Bad Car Habits To Avoid

Bad Car Habits To Avoid

Automobiles are a significant investment. If you want your car to last you for years, you must take care of it. While you may be thinking of car maintenance, good driving habits apply too. Lousy driving habits can significantly impact your car over time. It will likely break down and develop long-term problems if you're rough on your car. Below are some terrible habits to avoid doing if you want to keep your vehicle for a while: Flying Over Rough Terrain Potholes and speed bumps can do a number on your wheels, tires, suspension, and your steering. For example, you could risk knocking your wheels out of alignment and blowing out your tire. So next time you see a road bump, slow down and carry on with caution. Revving A Cold Engine If you didn't know already, engine oil needs to warm up before its lubricating properties kick in. Revving a cold engine can damage your engine components as it is not adequately lubricated yet. It would help to let your vehicle idle 30 seconds to ... read more

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