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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Is Your Car A/C or Heater Not Working? Here's Why

Is Your Car A/C or Heater Not Working? Here's Why

To maintain comfort while driving, you expect to be able to easily control the internal temperature of your vehicle. The HVAC in your vehicle allows you to initiate air conditioning or heating. If you ever notice a problem with your vehicle’s climate control system, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle into the experts here at Stang Auto Tech in Broomfield, CO. Our ASE certified experts are experienced and can help with any HVAC system problem that you may be experiencing. We will perform diagnostics to determine the exact cause of the issue and repair your HVAC system back to top working condition.  The HVAC system in your vehicle is very complex. Its job is to take air from outside of your vehicle, filter that air, and then either cool or heat it depending on the setting, and then transfers that air to the inside of your vehicle. If a problem with the A/C or heating occurs, you will notice right away that something is wrong.  If you experience any of the follo ... read more

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