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5 Car Noises That Require Immediate Attention

Let's say you are driving your car and you start hearing weird noises. It's important that you address the issue as soon as possible.

Understanding what type of noise you are experiencing can help you decide whether you should seek the immediate attention of a vehicle expert near you.

5 Car Noises for Immediate Attention

Let's discuss the 5 car noises that might require your immediate attention:

#1. Squealing Sound

If you hear a squealing sound from your car then it's possibly coming from the brakes. It could be because of weather or the friction between the brake rotor/disc and the brake pad. The brake pads could be of cheap quality and might have worn out. If the issue lasts longer, it's time to see an auto repair shop.

#2. Knocking Sound

If you hear a knocking sound from your car then there could be something wrong with the ignition. It's possible that the fuel in the engine could be burning unevenly causing this sound. There could be an issue with the spark plug producing such a sound.

#3. Rumbling Noise

If you hear a rumbling noise then there could be a hole in the exhaust system of your vehicle. Attaching a new muffler can help, but there could be an underlying issue and your auto repair shop can suggest the best for your vehicle.

#4. Popping Sound

If you are deriving your vehicle and suddenly experience the popping sound then it means you have a dirty air filter. There could also be some other issue which is why it's better to take your car to the auto repair shop for the service and maintenance.

#5. Grinding Noises

If you hear grinding noises from your vehicle then there could be an issue with the starter motor. It's possible it would be from the worn-out brakes. You can hear the grinding noise while changing the gears of a manual transmission system of a car which indicates an issue with the transmission.

Wrapping It Up

If you experience any unusual noise from your vehicle then it's better to get it checked from your auto repair shop. You should not take such things lightly.

Contact us today and bring your car to our auto repair shop.

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