We do not trust our Subarus (with 220,000+ and 175,000+ miles on their odometers) to anyone else in the Denver Area. Stang is efficient and very straight forward with their service recommendations ... AND Stang is very cost-conscience. Looking at the cars in for service, many people driving cars other than Subarus feel the same way. Give Kiel a call at 303-404-3813 and tell him Bill Bangs sent you.

5 Stang Auto Tech 12/31/2016

Great service and better price. Work was done on time and under budget. Competely satisfied.

5 Stang Auto Tech 12/30/2016

great service as always

5 Stang Auto Tech 12/28/2016

I brought my new (used ) car in for an inspection. Stang found a few things that needed to be repaired. I called Car Max and they will be taken care of, so I am thankful to Stang for their work. I have always been pleased with work completed by Stang and have been a costumer for years. .

5 Stang Auto Tech 12/28/2016

I was having my new (used) cr inspected by Stang, They found a couple items that needed to be taken care of and i am thankful, as Car Max will take care of these items for me.

5 Stang Auto Tech 12/27/2016

Very pleased with the professional environment, from the greeting on the phone, to the detailed information provided after the car was put back on its wheels. Top shelf.

5 Stang Auto Tech 12/26/2016


5 Stang Auto Tech 12/22/2016

We worked mostly with Johnny and Kyle. But we're very patients, and really took the time to explain things to me. I definitely appreciated Johnny patients, and really took the time to explain things to me. I definitely appreciated Johnny using visual graphics and charts to help me understand my car's problem. They were both very forthcoming and I appreciated honesty and transparency with cost.

4 Stang Auto Tech 12/21/2016

Thanks for a job well done.

5 Stang Auto Tech 12/19/2016

Staff at Stang Auto Tech are super friendly and always willing to help in any way they can. I will always come back here!

5 Stang Auto Tech 12/16/2016