Great work as always.

5 Stang Auto Tech 9/8/2017

It's always a good experience dealing with your auto repair service.

5 Stang Auto Tech 9/7/2017

Service was on time and on budget. Very professional and very reasonably priced.

5 Stang Auto Tech 8/25/2017

Took my son's '96 Bronco to Stang to have them check on a possible electrical issue since the turn signals weren't working (he could manually make them flash by moving the stalk up and down, but wouldn't flash if stalk fully engaged up or down) and the brake light on one side wasn't working. Stang did a check on the electrical system and found that the flasher assembly was shot. Then continued the inspection at each of the bulb sockets to make sure nothing was out of whack and no wiring shorts were causing issues. Wound up replacing a few other bulbs that were shot and everything is working perfectly. All done in a timely manner with excellent customer service. We'll definitely be back if we have other issues.

5 Stang Auto Tech 8/23/2017

We finally found an auto repair facility that we can trust! Stang is always helpful and will tell you what you need. You don't feel pressured. We are always confident that the repairs were appropriate and done right. We had an opportunity to take the car to the dealer for potential warranty work, but chose not to. It is all about trust.

5 Stang Auto Tech 8/22/2017

Thanks for going the extra mile!

5 Stang Auto Tech 8/19/2017

Great service. I was helped immediately and the work was done in good time. I will go back.

5 Stang Auto Tech 8/19/2017

Personal and professional service in a friendly atmosphere.

5 Stang Auto Tech 8/19/2017

We love Stangs!

5 Stang Auto Tech 8/18/2017

I am happy to have my car running better. I enjoyed the $15 car rental for a day so I didn't nee to miss work.

4 Stang Auto Tech 8/17/2017