I am happy to have my car running better. I enjoyed the $15 car rental for a day so I didn't nee to miss work.

4 Stang Auto Tech 8/17/2017

Great quality service as usual. Been that way for the all 16 years we have been going there.

5 Stang Auto Tech 8/16/2017

Great service again!

5 Stang Auto Tech 8/11/2017

Outstanding job as usual.I've been a customer for the last 16 years.

5 Stang Auto Tech 8/9/2017

Did a good thorough job on my truck brake job. Recommended a performance solution (better than OEM) for better durability and life of the brakes. Also gave the truck an overall inspection which added to my peace of mind. They honored the estimate, by not charging me more when another part needed replacing. Overall good experience with a trustworthy shop!

5 Stang Auto Tech 8/9/2017

I receive unbelievable service from Stang every time I bring my car in. Recently had a battery replaced there and they fixed a dent in the bumper with out charging me or even being asked. A really great place. Thank you Stang!

5 Stang Auto Tech 8/8/2017

We SO appreciate and trust Stang Auto. Only place we will take our cars. Thank you Robert for assisting me with a flat tire!!

5 Stang Auto Tech 8/7/2017

Once again, Stang Auto was there for me. Thank you Robert for coming to my aide in dealing with a flat tire. We are grateful for the wonderful service that Stang Auto provides. We wouldn't take our cars anywhere else. Thanks guys!!

5 Stang Auto Tech 8/7/2017

As always, great service at a great price. We always know the quality work that will be done at Stang. Everyone is so competent, and we know the only work that will EVER be done on our SUV is what is necessary. They will NEVER try to sell a service or part that you don't need. They never employ sneaky techniques to sell you something you don't need. We recommend Stang for outstanding quality, service and ethics.

5 Stang Auto Tech 8/3/2017

Thank you for the time you always take to explain our maintenance options. We always feel that our safety on the road is one of your most important goals. Thank you!

4.5 Stang Auto Tech 7/29/2017