I was amazed at how helpful, considerate and knowledgeable everyone I worked with at Stang Auto Tech was. Thanks for the help.

5 Stang Auto Tech 7/23/2011

Service and integrity above and beyond the call of duty from what I consider the real 'good hands people'.

5 Stang Auto Tech 7/22/2011

I would have liked more conversations about where you were with the service. Also, I would think that after replacing the gas tank, the next step would be to fill the tank and test the car, instead of making another appointment to do this next step.

3 Stang Auto Tech 7/21/2011

5 Stang Auto Tech 7/19/2011

Great service as usual, we will keep coming back! Wish I would have remembered to bring my free movie coupons as we forgot them. Next time!

5 Stang Auto Tech 7/18/2011

3 Stang Auto Tech 7/18/2011

4 Stang Auto Tech 7/16/2011

The Techs at Stang Auto always do a SUPER job. They're highly professional when troubleshooting even the most complicated mechanical problems I've brought in to their shop. The repair work they do is thorough and right on the mark. I wouldn't hesitate.

5 Stang Auto Tech 7/14/2011

5 Stang Auto Tech 7/14/2011

I had 2 different circumstances that they worked on my car and within a year to have problems with exactly what they repaired. Both times they said it was under warranty but once they got it into the shop it was magically out of warranty. It's been two .

1 Stang Auto Tech 7/14/2011